Small Grocery Stores

Keep customers coming back and enjoying the ambiance while they shop.

Elevate floor cleaning practices and create the optimal shopping experience

The Simple Clean floor scrubber simply cleans small grocery store or market floors faster and more effectively than a traditional mop and bucket. Designed with your small grocery store layout in mind, this compact and easily maneuverable machine can fit between aisles and in tight places that most floor scrubbers would be unable to reach. Store success means stepping ahead of the competition. Elevate floor cleaning practices and create the optimal shopping experience. 

Small grocery store challenges include keeping the floors safe for a high volume of foot traffic after products are spilled or when dirt, water, and oils are trekked in from outside. The extreme suction and high quality squeegee on the Simple Clean floor scrubber will leave floors incredibly dry after use. Floor maintenance is simplified using this one easy to use floor scrubber. Deep clean, spot clean, clean regularly as needed with Simple Clean. The simple solution for streamlined maintenance of small grocery store franchises or small grocery store chains is a machine that can work on virtually any hard surface and in different varieties of small store designs. The cordless Simple Clean floor scrubber is the choice floor scrubber to meet your business needs. 

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