How to Maintain a Clean Auto Service Center

Grease. Oils. Parts. Tools. Mix in all that salt and mud from a winter as unpredictable as this one, and it becomes even more challenging to keep shop floors clean.

How your shop presents itself to your customers is going to affect the type of customers you attract. To gain more affluent customers with luxury cars, you must focus on the overall experience and cleanliness plays a major role in that. Your shop’s cleanliness sends a message to your customers about the shop’s management, professionalism, and care. Are you sending the right message?

Auto shop customers will often sit with one eye on what is happening inside the service area while they wait. You already know that your focus on the cleanliness of your waiting area does not go unnoticed by your customers. Now it’s easier than ever to create a better customer experience both in the waiting area and in the service area itself.

How to Maintain a Clean Auto Service Center

  • Make it a Team Effort

Ask the team for input on ways you all can work together to create a cleaner shop. Review ideas during your weekly meetings. Discuss the best ways to implement and sustain these ideas. Involving the team makes it less of a chore and more a of a group effort to enhance the shop. After all, if the shop is doing well, so are they.

  • Clean on a Schedule

Shops that are noticeably clean are very likely cleaning on a set schedule. Create your schedule. Write it down. Post it up. Make sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities. Not every job will need to be done each day. Create daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly jobs that need to be done. Choose a system that works for your shop. It may seem like a lot of work to begin cleaning on a schedule, but overtime you’ll find that by following a schedule the shop remains cleaner which leaves less work to do.

  • Implement Accountability Measures

Assign workers their own areas and advise them that part of their job is to maintain a clean area. Incentives work wonders here for a job well done.

  • Organize. Organize. Organize.

Are your employees wasting time looking for tools? It’s a pretty common issue at shops. A clean yet messy, disorganized shop is still not aesthetically pleasing to customers. Organization will help your employees find tools faster, work with a clearer mind, and give customers a better overall impression of your shop.

  • Invest in Time Saving Cleaning Tools

Sweeping alone just doesn’t cut it in a shop. Does that mean you have to constantly pull out a mop to clean your floors? No. A mop is outdated, time consuming, and leaves you with soaking wet floors. There are much smarter options available. The Simple Clean 18 is changing the way auto shops around the country are able to create a cleaner service center in record time. Cleaning with a powerful, high speed rotating brush, separate clean and dirty water tanks, a high performance squeegee assembly and vacuum system, the Simple Clean 18 can help remove stubborn stains and grime with ease. Saving your employee’s valuable time and making cleaning simple and much more enjoyable, the Simple Clean 18 can clean your auto service center like never before.

Water brought in by tires and other auto fluids on shop floors are not just an eyesore, they’re also a safety hazard. Keep your employees and customers safer by promptly addressing spills and maintaining clean and dry floors with the Simple Clean 18.

Whether your shop has been open for 5 months or 25 years, it’s never a bad time to implement better cleaning practices. Concrete is porous and can really show the wear and tear of shop life over time. With these tips, your shop can transform its service center floors and improve the impression it is making on customers. A little extra effort can make a significant impact on your business.

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