Tips for First Time Scrubber Operators

The Simple Clean 18 is now bringing the effective productivity of floor cleaning equipment to businesses that often have relied far too long on the time consuming, labor intensive mop. When you are making the leap to a floor scrubber for the first time, the thought of operating and maintaining a new machine may be intimidating. Thankfully, new, innovative scrubbers like the Simple Clean 18 are incredibly simple to operate, even for people who have never used commercial or industrial floor cleaning equipment before. Because proper operation of your floor scrubber will help extend the life of the machine and help keep it running at peak productivity, you’ll want to be sure that it is operated correctly.

Whether you are using the Simple Clean 18 or other floor scrubber for the first time, these tips will help you operate your machine like a seasoned pro:

Wear non-slip footwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) if applicable

Comfort and safety are key. When operating a walk-behind machine like the Simple Clean 18, the floors will be cleaned so thoroughly that they may become slippery, depending on the type of flooring. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear comfortable, non-slip footwear.

Though the Simple Clean 18 boasts a 68 dB quiet operation, if your machine operates above 85 dB, earplugs or other ear protection is recommended.

Remove debris prior to scrubbing

Floor scrubbers configured with disk scrub decks, like the Simple Clean 18, require that the floors be free of debris before scrubbing. Pre-sweeping avoids added wear and tear on scrub pads and lessens the risk of putting unnecessary stress on the scrubber’s vacuum system. It also helps prevent grinding debris or dirt into the floors which could cause permanent damage.

Though pre-sweeping is usually necessary, it should be noted that disk floor scrubbers offer certain advantages over cylindrical machines like greater versatility and more powerful down pressure. With a disk scrubber, it’s easy to change the aggressiveness of your scrubber by changing scrub pads, which are inexpensive. Floors can be washed or stripped with the same machine. This feature of disk scrubbers is especially ideal in commercial settings such as retail environments because it allows you to polish delicate surfaces, erase scuff marks, remove stubborn grime, control floor shine, and more, all with one machine.

Add water first and soap second

After the floors are swept, it is time to prepare your machine for scrubbing. Fill your solution tank with plain water first and add the detergent to the manufacturer’s specifications second. This will cut down on excess foam. The water’s temperature should not exceed 60°C or 140°F. Some chemical may require you to use gloves while handling.

The clear hose and lid on the solution and recovery tanks on the Simple Clean 18 are another operator friendly feature that give the operator greater visualization of the water levels.

Start opposite the Exit

Much like mopping, it’s smart to start scrubbing opposite the exit door if possible. This helps save some time since you can exit without having to scrub over floors that have already been cleaned.

Scrub in straight, parallel lines

While scrubbing in straight lines, slightly overlap the previous pass to avoid creating gaps. This will help make sure you don’t miss any spots as you go.

With a brush assisted machine like the Simple Clean 18, it is easy for an operator to control the machine. It’s even possible to control it using just one hand. This helps cut down on operator fatigue to keep productivity up.

Never scrub up or near flammable materials.

Never operate equipment if you are feeling drowsy, unwell, or your ability to operate the equipment safely is impaired in any way.

Clean the recovery tank after each use

Your floor scrubber is likely removing a lot more dirt from your floors than you’re used to seeing in that mop bucket. Preventive maintenance is an important part of floor scrubber ownership and keeping this machine, which lives in dirt, clean is step one. That’s one of the reasons why before you purchase a machine you should make sure the solution tanks are as easy to access and clean as they are on the Simple Clean floor cleaning machine. Cleaning out the recovery tank is something that must be done after each use but should not be a time consuming or difficult task. Simply empty and rinse.

Make a habit out of performing regular equipment checks

Check the brushes and squeegees, look for leaks, clogs, and loose nuts or bolts on your machine to help detect and repair minor issues before they become more costly repairs. Make it a habit right from the start.

Rotate your scrubber brushes weekly.

Charge the battery after each use

Taking care of your batteries will help ensure your battery life lasts. The batteries found on most battery operated floor scrubbers require you to periodically top them off with distilled water. How often this needs to be done depends on battery usage and operating temperatures. You can check your new scrubber battery every few weeks to determine how frequently you must water your batteries for your specific application.

At Simple Clean Scrubbers, we offer an exceptional warranty for all of our floor scrubber customers to help make sure their investment will continue to work for them for years to come. Proper operation of equipment is one of the most important factors in extending the life of floor scrubbers. First time operators need not fear, floor cleaners like the Simple Clean 18 have been created to bring the superior floor cleaning power of equipment to settings that may have never used equipment before.

First time scrubber operators will find that the Simple Clean 18 is an ideal machine for them because it is designed to be highly effective while remaining notably operator friendly.

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