Tips to Boost Your Taproom Revenue

Tap into the customer loyalty, branding power, and increased revenue you could be earning by properly utilizing your taproom. There are currently over 5000 breweries in the US. That number is up from roughly 2000 craft brewers just five years ago.[1] Own-premise sales have also skyrocketed in recent years. If you aren’t getting the most out of your taproom, you could be missing out on a major growth opportunity.

Taprooms today play an important role in the success of many breweries, large or small. As the craft brewery market becomes more and more saturated, it is increasingly important to find ways to differentiate your brand in order to grow. Breweries can use their taproom to connect directly with their customers, test the response to pilot brews, and reap the benefits of a larger profit margin than retail sales.

Tips to Boost Your Taproom Revenue

Offer an Impressive Selection

People are coming to you for your beer. First and foremost, offering really great beer will get people to come to your taproom and will keep them coming back. You should keep your taps full at all times. Empty taps are a missed opportunity for increased revenue. Offer new releases in your taproom first before offering them wholesale or to distributors. This will help give your taproom some exclusivity of beers that cannot be found elsewhere.

Don’t Forget About the Food

What’s that you say, but taprooms don’t have kitchens? That may be correct but it doesn’t mean your taproom guests should go hungry. The main difference between a brewpub and a taproom is brewpubs serve innovative food to pair with their selection of craft beers while taprooms don’t have kitchens. Teaming up with local food trucks on a consistent schedule is often a winning strategy for taprooms. After all, full customers tend to stick around longer than hungry ones.

Focus on Cleanliness

The cleanliness of your taproom is a reflection of your entire operation. Your taproom is where your customers get to know your brand on a more personal level. Every aspect of your business, from the colors of your logo to the cleanliness of your taproom floors, shapes your brewery’s brand. Keeping your taproom in order can help put your customers’ minds at ease, enhancing their overall experience.

Not only will your brewery be perceived more professionally when its cleanliness is a top priority, but keeping the floors and other surfaces free from dirt and grime can help eliminate odor-causing bacteria. We all know how important our sense of smell is to our sense of taste. You’ll want your brewery taproom to be clean to help showcase all of the aromas and nuances that go into a masterfully crafted brew.

Want a faster way to clean brewery floors? Here’s how.

Get Feedback from Guests

Ideally, your taproom should be a place where you get valuable feedback from your customers. What types of beers are they asking for? Are there new recipes you can test out or improve upon? Your servers in the taproom should have a passion for beer and the knowledge to carry on conversations about your brewery with your informed guests. People who love craft beer go to taprooms. Share your mutual passion with them and your customers will connect with your brand in a whole new way. Bonus points for owners who personally engage with guests in their taprooms.

Create a Loyalty System

Perhaps you offer a loyalty card where the tenth growler refill is free. Perhaps you design a tier system in which customers can try to attain the top tier status for prizes or other recognition. Be creative but don’t get too gimmicky. What would get your customers coming back regularly?

Hold Private Events, But Not Too Many

Being a venue for private events can be lucrative, but don’t overdo it. If you are constantly closed for private events, your loyal customers may go elsewhere.

Your taproom has the potential to increase your revenue, especially for smaller craft breweries. By cutting out the middleman, breweries selling their beer in their own taprooms are able to make 40 to 50 percent more than they would by selling their beer wholesale or to a distributor. In order to get the most out of your taproom, a clean, welcoming environment with a variety of tasty beers and knowledgeable staff will help your brewery connect to the local scene like never before.

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