5 Advantages of Battery Operated Scrubbers

Cleaning Floors with Machine

Cleaning is an essential part of any small business. Even greater care must be taken in businesses where food is purchased or served such as restaurants, bakeries, convenience stores, breweries, and small grocery stores. Whether your business involves food service or not, cleanliness helps give customers and employees a more positive experience while within your store.

If you’re interested in improving not only your customer experience but also increasing health and safety within your business, a battery operated floor scrubber is an excellent choice. Floor scrubbers such as the Simple Clean 18 significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to clean and simultaneously increase the effectiveness of your floor care regimen.

The Simple Clean 18 is an affordable, compact, battery operated machine which makes it particularly ideal for smaller applications. Battery operated equipment has become extremely popular in the floor cleaning industry because it comes with many advantages. The following are five:

1) No cords to trip on.

A battery operated machine can maneuver around racks, through tight aisles, or between equipment without a cord getting tangled, in the way, or posing a tripping hazard.

2) No time wasted switching sockets as you clean.

Cleaning floors thoroughly by hand is time consuming. Roughly 98% of the cost to clean is the labor to do it. One of the key benefits of a floor scrubber is the labor cost savings associated with using a powerful machine over manual labor. A scrubber can typically save a business hundreds or even thousands of dollars in labor costs, often paying for the machine itself within a year.

Corded electric machines need to be connected to an outlet in order to run and if the cord is not long enough the outlet must be changed, often repeatedly, to complete the job. This reduces the time savings achieved by employing a machine to boost productivity in the first place, and the time wasted can really add up.

With battery operated equipment, there is no need to switch outlets while cleaning. You also avoid running into other issues such as not being able to clean in certain areas where there is no socket available or that the cord is too short to reach. The Simple Clean 18 is simple to operate in smaller applications and eliminates the need to be plugged in while scrubbing.

3) More environmentally friendly option

Battery operated equipment is better for the environment than its emission omitting counterparts. Lead batteries, commonly found on battery operated floor scrubbers like the Simple Clean 18, are the most recycled product in the USA, according to the EPA. Fred Wehmeyer, Senior Vice President of Engineering at U.S. Battery Manufacturing, is cited as saying: “The recycling infrastructure for lead-acid batteries is a closed loop (cradle to cradle) system.” A closed loop system is more sustainable than an open loop system. Essentially in a closed loop, the recycled lead battery can be converted back to raw materials to create new lead batteries over and over again without degradation of properties.

A floor scrubber also uses less water than traditional cleaning methods. When it comes to making environmentally friendly choices for your business, small changes can make big impacts for both the environment and your wallet.

Environmentally friendly businesses have the ability to attract like-minded, conscious consumers through PR strategies. Including a battery operated floor scrubber like the Simple Clean 18 in your green cleaning program can be a very smart choice for small business.

4) No fumes that equipment with a fuel powered engine would release.

Battery operated equipment does not release harmful emissions or fumes into the air. This is another factor that makes it a more environmentally friendly option. In addition, the lack of fumes make battery operated equipment a much safer choice for use in small spaces around customers and employees.

5) Generally quiet operation.

Being able to clean while customers use the store or business, without worrying about a loud engine, tripping on cords, or harmful fumes, makes battery operated equipment a great option for businesses that are open 24 hours like diners or convenience stores.

Battery operated floor scrubbers are the preferable option for many modern businesses. In order to thrive in the age of ecommerce, customer experience is becoming a key focus for many brick and mortar stores. Creating a great customer experience begins the moment your customer steps foot inside your doors and makes a snap judgement about your business’ operation based on its appearance.

In commercial settings in particular, battery operated equipment is often far superior to its corded electric or engine-operated counterparts. If you’re interested in saving time and money while increasing the effectiveness of your cleaning program, a battery operated machine like the Simple Clean 18 can be extremely beneficial to your business.

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