Boost Your Business' First Impression

The word impression is synonymous with appearance for good reason. Did you know it can take as little as three seconds for a customer to walk into your business and form an impression? These quick, involuntary reactions are mostly based off of what can be seen and heard immediately, yet they have lasting impacts on your business. That is why it is crucial to look at ways your business can stand out and exceed customer expectations, leaving them with a memorable, positive impression right from the start.

Creating a great first impression leads to the customer feeling welcome and in good hands. It helps build trust. Trust is a powerful factor in swaying purchasing decisions. People are less likely to purchase from a place they do not trust. Also, if trust is somehow broken later on, perhaps by a poor interaction with an employee or other mishap, it is easier to rebuild that trust when it was established off the bat.

Every single element of your business is part of your brand, from the colors to cleanliness. The appearance of your store sends a message to your customers. Paying attention to these details can help give your business a competitive edge.

Improve the impression your business leaves on its customers by focusing on the following areas:

Parking Lot: Keeping your parking area, sidewalks, and landscaping neat and tidy can help set the tone for the customer’s experience ahead.

Signage: As your customers approach your business, be sure that all signs and displays are clean, visible, and professional looking. An eye catching window display that accurately represents your business can help draw customers in, depending on where your business is situated. The entrance should be easy to find. Keep signs that customers see upon entering your business positive instead of negative, like “No Deliveries” or “No Loitering.” This helps contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.

Entry Area: Keeping a high traffic area, such as the entry area, clean and smelling fresh can be challenging for business owners but is essential in presenting a clean image to customers. Proper training of employees and arming them with the best tools, like the Simple Clean 18, to keep the area clean quickly and easily will help. Foul odors in a high traffic entry area can sometimes be attributed to odor causing bacteria in grout lines. It is important to keep even hard to clean areas, like grout lines, free from dirt and bacteria. A welcoming entry area in your small business should also naturally guide customers to where they are meant to pause or congregate.

Employee Interaction: A new customer’s interaction with an employee will help determine whether or not they will do business with you. Greeting customers with a smile, attentiveness, and making sure the customer feels at home are all ways employees help contribute to creating a positive first impression of your business.

Do a walk through of your business yourself. Are you setting the stage for a remarkable experience? Are all areas clean and orderly?

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Cleanliness reflects the image and values of a company. It can help determine whether or not a new customer becomes a returning customer. The Simple Clean 18 was designed with small business owners in mind. As an affordable, cordless, and compact floor scrubber, the Simple Clean 18 can elevate the cleanliness of a business and do so in a fraction of the time it takes to mop.

Mops are simply outdated. The benefits of a floor scrubber over a traditional mop in terms of time savings and cleaning power are well known and now the Simple Clean is bringing this technology to a whole new sector. Smaller applications can now clean continually with clean water, powerful down pressure and a high speed rotating brush using the Simple Clean. Mops, on the other hand, are notorious for pushing around filth and not removing it. The Simple Clean 18’s vacuum system and squeegee remove excess moisture from floors leaving them clean and dry in a single pass of the machine. Imagine no longer needing wet floor signs. Clean up spills and messes with ease. Keep your entry area pristine even during harsh weather conditions and busy seasons.

Convenience stores, small grocery stores, retail shops, restaurants, craft breweries, car showrooms, laundromats, restrooms, locker rooms, and more are now able to reap the cleaning benefits of the innovative Simple Clean 18. Its impressive cleaning power can help create a first impression that stands out from the competition.

Cleanliness can also help boost employee morale and productivity. A cleaning schedule and set expectations can help ensure cleaning get done. Make regular cleaning part of your business plan and continue to encourage employees to do their part, making quality tools available to get the job done.

The Simple Clean 18 can help your business reflect a more polished image. Cleanliness is important to customers and should be a priority to business owners in order to present their business in the best possible manner to customers while they form their lasting first impressions.

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