How Do You Clean Your Brewery Floors?

A meticulously crafted, distinctive brew is the result of many details, including the craft brewery’s cleaning process. Elevate your brewery floor care with the right tool. There is now a faster and more hygienic way to clean craft brewery floors.

The high performance floors found in craft breweries create a unique floor care challenge. These floors can come in contact with harsh chemicals, heavy foot traffic, substantial workloads, and perpetual moisture. Adverse conditions require frequent maintenance, yet time and resources are often in short supply in a craft brewery setting.

Save Time: With its ability to clean and dry floors in a fraction of the time it would take to mop, the Simple Clean floor scrubber is saving brewers’ time. Its compact size allows the Simple Clean to work in breweries of all sizes and layouts, unlike larger floor scrubbers.

Save Money: Its affordability makes the Simple Clean 18 accessible to new and growing breweries on a limited budget.

Improve Sanitation: Unwanted bacteria can destroy a brew; remove grime rather than spreading it. When using the Simple Clean 18, clean solution is dispensed onto the floors. Its high speed brush and powerful down-pressure remove stubborn grime and the resulting dirty water is removed from the floors using the Simple Clean’s strong vacuum system. By having both a clean solution tank and a recovery tank, the Simple Clean 18 ensures you are always cleaning with a clean water solution unlike other methods that simply push dirt and grime around on the floors.

Improve Safety: Wet floors are a safety hazard. By utilizing the Simple Clean 18 in a brewery setting, floors are cleaned and dried in a single pass. The Simple Clean 18 can be used to remove moisture from floors following spills, which can happen frequently at a brewery. Brewery employees face enough safety hazards in their day to day work. Clean and dry floors, free of slippery residues, can easily be achieved using the Simple Clean 18.

A Tool You Can Depend On: With its 3 Year parts warranty, brewers have peace of mind knowing that the reliable and durable Simple Clean 18 is an investment that will continue to work for them for years to come.

With increased competition in the craft brewery market, brewers must find ways to differentiate themselves. Make your tasting room and brewing operation the cleanest one in town with the Simple Clean 18. This innovative tool is changing the way smaller settings are able to clean their floors and brewers are reaping the benefits.

Cleanliness is crucial to crafting the prefect brew and now craft breweries can clean their floors faster with a superior floor cleaning tool, the Simple Clean 18 Floor Scrubber. Keep it Simple. Keep it Clean.

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