How Restroom Cleanliness Impacts Revenue and Reputation

Clean Restroom

Your restrooms are sending a message to your customers about your operation.

“If their bathroom is this dirty, what does the kitchen look like? Gross, sticky floor.” – a Yelp review

People are talking about your business online; and they’re uploading photos of it too. Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, Trip Advisor and various other social media channels are now where people turn when they want to air a particularly bad or good experience with a business. These sites are also where potential customers look for an objective opinion when making their decision about where to eat, shop, or do business. Even if your business does not participate in social media, that does not stop the conversation from happening online without you.

Business owners know the serious effects customer reviews can have on their revenues. According to a Harvard Business School study, a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue for independent restaurants.

Cleanliness of a business, and in particular of its restrooms, has a major impact on the customer experience and their overall impression of your brand. It pays to pay attention to this area of your business. According to USA Today, a survey found that nearly 3 in 10 restaurant customers would never return to a restaurant with dirty restrooms. Nearly 50 percent of restaurant customers who encounter a dirty bathroom will tell friends about their experience.

Restroom maintenance does not only affect business at restaurants. At other businesses where food service takes place, like convenience stores, small grocery stores or markets, a clean restroom is an expectation. If a customer does not view your c-store as clean, that customer likely won’t want to buy food items from your store. If they intend to use the restroom while stopping, they may even pass by your store altogether for one down the street with a reputation for cleanliness.

When it comes to athletic centers, 71% of adults would stop using an athletic facility if it was found to have unclean restrooms or locker rooms, according to a study commissioned by the Cintas Corporation, conducted by Harris Interactive, and reported by ClinkLink. It is important to provide members a clean and sanitary restroom and locker room in their health club, athletic facility, or community center in order to meet membership goals.

Increase customer trust and help prevent poor reviews of your business by making immaculate restrooms a consistent goal.

How to Increase Restroom Cleanliness

Clear communication of standards is key. Ensure managers and staff are aware of the expectations regarding the level of cleanliness and that they are well trained in how to properly clean the restrooms. A checklist and cleaning schedule is ideal to make sure your staff knows their responsibilities and that the tasks get done consistently.

It is also important to arm your staff with the right tools and chemicals. When choosing the most productive methods for getting your business cleaned routinely, a floor scrubber works at a much faster rate than a mop. The resulting reduction in labor costs can more than pay for the machine itself. Compact enough to clean restrooms, the cordless, highly maneuverable Simple Clean 18 is more efficient and more effective than a standard mop and bucket.

With foul odors being a main offender of dirty restrooms, the odor-causing bacteria hidden in grout lines needs to be removed in order to remove that smell rather than mask it. A mop and bucket cannot clean as thoroughly as the Simple Clean 18. Instead of pushing around grime with a dirty mop head, the Simple Clean 18 lifts and removes dirt, continuously cleaning with a clean water solution that is never contaminated by the filth on the floors. Using powerful down pressure and a high speed rotating disc brush, the Simple Clean quietly cleans small spaces better than a traditional mop. The force of the brush lifts stubborn grime and odor-causing bacteria from grout lines with ease.

In addition to the time savings and increased sanitation, the Die-cast Aluminum Squeegee Assembly and vacuum system that come standard on the Simple Clean 18 leave floors dry immediately after scrubbing. When cleaning with a mop, the floors must air dry which can pose a safety concern while wet. Wet floors in restrooms can be an issue at other times as well. Remove water quickly and easily with the Simple Clean 18 following a toilet or sink overflow incident with the Simple Clean 18.

Squeaky clean floors and a pleasant smell will improve the overall customer experience in your restrooms. Keep dispensers clean and filled. Make sure handles and partitions are not overlooked. Toilets and toilet seats should always be clean and dry. Mirrors should be free of fingerprints and smudges. Garbage cans should be emptied regularly. Fixtures and lighting should remain well maintained.

Project a clean, lasting impression with clean restrooms. Cleanliness is a part of your branding and does not go unnoticed by customers. Exceed customer expectations and stay a step ahead of your competitors with the efficient, durable, and affordable Simple Clean 18 floor scrubber for restrooms and locker rooms.

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