Improving Firehouse Floor Care is Simple

A Clean and organized station is crucial. The efficient, hard working Simple Clean 18" floor scrubber is now helping fire stations fight the stains, dirt and stubborn grime found on their high performance floors. Mopping is a time consuming task that can be done in a fraction of the time with this affordable tool. Battery operated, compact and highly maneuverable, the Simple Clean 18" floor scrubber can improve the way firehouse floors are cleaned.

Different shifts shouldn't get the fire station to different levels of cleanliness. With the Simple Clean 18, floor care is simple and consistent. This easy to operate, durable machine is designed for daily use, providing up to 55lbs of variable down pressure. Its high speed rotating brush and powerful vacuum system deep clean firehouse floors in a manner that is much more effective than a traditional mop. Its compact size allows the Simple Clean to fit into tight areas and right up to the edge of equipment.

Firefighters live and work in close quarters within the fire station. Limit the spread of disease by maintaining a clean environment. According to, "the quality of your indoor environment has a direct impact on your quality of work." With the Simple Clean 18 floor scrubber, clean water is continually used to scrub the floors. Clean and dirty water are held in separate tanks on the Simple Clean. The clean water is put down to scrub the floors and the dirty water is then lifted from the floor and stored in a recovery tank. This means the water used to clean the floor is not contaminated during the cleaning process. This allows the Simple Clean 18 to clean in a more hygienic manner than traditional cleaning techniques.

The Simple Clean 18 does not just save time cleaning firehouse flooring; it also dries the floors during the cleaning process. In addition to finishing the task faster, there is no waiting period for letting the floors dry before they are safe to use again. With its smartly designed squeegee assembly and vacuum system, the Simple Clean removes excess moisture from the floors. Fire stations can put those wet floor signs away for good with this great new machine!

Time is valuable, especially to firefighters. Firefighters have important daily tasks to focus on. Keeping firehouse floors clean is no longer a time consuming chore. A clean station is simple to achieve with help from the right tools. Drop the mop. Remove oils, dirt, antifreeze and grime from station floors with ease. The Simple Clean 18 is now improving the way firehouses clean.

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