Brand New 18” Floor Scrubber Is Making Its Way Into The Grocery Store Market With Huge Success

Grocery stores have found a new way to stay a step ahead of competitors with a compact, affordable machine that produces cleaner floors while reducing labor costs. The Simple Clean 18 is an innovative, durable floor scrubber that is successfully helping grocery stores across the country create a cleaner, safer shopping environment for their customers. With its ability to maneuver through aisles and displays with ease, the Simple Clean 18 is revolutionizing floor care for grocery stores.

It is possible to have lower labor costs without sacrificing the customer experience. Cleaning in a fraction of the time that it takes to mop, the Simple Clean 18 is helping grocery stores improve their cleanliness while taking control of their labor costs. Clean faster and do a better job with the reliable and affordable Simple Clean 18.

Store cleanliness is an important factor in determining where customers choose to shop. A study performed by M/A/R/C® Research and National In-Store noted that “Grocery and Drug stores should pay particular attention to store cleanliness since their shoppers are among the highest percentage measured that will ‘stop going to a store’ if the store is not perceived as being clean.” That study aimed to give insight into the impact of store appearance by store category, which included Grocery, Mass Merchandiser, Club, Consumer Electronics, Drug, Office Supply and Department stores.

The typical mop and bucket has its drawbacks. On top of being extremely time consuming, a mop and bucket can only pick up so much dirt and hold it in a suspension before you are cleaning with contaminated water. Floor scrubbers clean in a more hygienic manner, using a separate clean solution tank that is never mixed with the dirt being removed from the floors.

While standard mops leave floors wet, the Simple Clean 18 cleans and dries floors. Dry floors can help reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents in grocery stores. The strong vacuum system and durable squeegee assembly on the Simple Clean 18 leaves floors clean and dry in a single pass. This means that customers and staff are able to use the area being cleaned immediately after scrubbing. This feature also makes the Simple Clean 18 much more efficient at removing spilled liquid product from grocery store floors.

The Simple Clean 18 is now improving the way grocery stores are able to clean. Affordable, durable, and compact, the Simple Clean 18 is an ideal tool for grocery store layouts. Keep it Simple. Keep it Clean. Coming to a grocery store near you...

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