The Dirt on Mops

If your small business is still using a traditional mop and bucket as its standard cleaning practice, have you ever stopped to take a look at the dirty water in the bucket that is being swished across your floors? How could that leave the floors clean? Mops are notorious for spreading bacteria if the dirty water and mop head are not cleaned frequently enough, and all too often they aren’t.

In restrooms, foul odors are caused by bacteria. In many cases, this odor causing bacteria can be found growing in grout lines and on other surfaces that should be deep cleaned in a more hygienic manner than how they are currently being cleaned. Grout lines aren’t just a problem for cleaning restrooms or locker rooms, bacteria that causes odors and discoloration is often present in entryway areas that have a high volume of people trekking in dirt and debris. Regularly deep cleaning floors can limit this from occurring. In restaurants this is particularly important, as studies have repeatedly shown that restaurant guests will not return to a restaurant that they perceive as unclean, and they will often tell their friends about their poor experience too.

Small businesses across the country can benefit from getting rid of that outdated mop. The following are some of the main problems with mopping:


Disinfectants can only hold so much dirt in a suspension before you are cleaning with contaminated water. When using a traditional mop, once you go over a dirty surface, the dirt is transferred onto the mop and into the bucket. With dirt on the mop and in the water, your floors are not being cleaned with clean water. Mops work really well at spreading around dirt, but they are much less effective at completely removing soils. In addition, if the mop head is not clean, dried, or replaced appropriately, the mop head itself can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Chemical Residues

When using a mop it may be necessary to use a lot of harsh chemical in order to lift stubborn grime. Without repeatedly going over the floors with plain fresh water, this can leave toxic chemical residues behind on the floor. A floor scrubber is able to deep clean with less chemical and then remove the chemical through its strong vacuum system in a manner that a mop simply cannot. Excess chemical left on the floors is often what results in streakiness and slippery floors.


A mop can leave your floors dirty, streaky, or slippery immediately after cleaning. On top of this being a potential safety hazard, cleaning that results in dirty floors is a huge waste of time. Using a machine, it is possible to clean more effectively and much faster than manually cleaning. The time savings achieved with the Simple Clean 18 is one of the major benefits of using a machine over a mop. The labor savings attained can pay for the machine itself, usually within a year.


Mops can only agitate dirt with as much force as the person mopping the floors is willing or able to use. There is no competition when it comes to the difference between manually mopping and using the Simple Clean 18. This machine cleans with up to 55lbs of variable down pressure in addition to its powerful rotating scrub brush. Cleaning in a more productive manner, the Simple Clean 18 allows small businesses to achieve a professional level of floor cleanliness without the cost of an outside service.

Leaves Floors Wet

With a mop, you must wait for floors to dry after cleaning them. Wet floors in a business are a safety concern. Slip, trip, and fall accidents are a common occurrence in the US that costs business owners quite a bit of money. According to ISSA, “the National Safety Council (NSC) estimates that workers’ compensation and medical costs associated with employee slip-and-fall accidents are approximately $70 billion per year.” A wet floor sign is not visually appealing and may be inconvenient to the traffic flow of employees or customers using your business. When water from a mop and bucket is left on the floors, dirt and a chemical residue form which can eventually lead to build up on the floors. With a quality squeegee and vacuum system, the Simple Clean 18 removes excess moisture from the floors leaving them dry immediately after cleaning. This feature can increase workplace safety and saves more time.

Bakeries, restaurants, convenience stores, fast food franchises and many other small businesses need to follow hygienic cleaning practices. This not only gives customers the best impression of your business, but can deter pest and rodent infestations. A floor scrubber can give your small business a higher level of cleanliness.

Take a look at the mop you are currently using. When was it cleaned last? Don’t let the dirt on mops transfer contaminants from surface to surface in your small business. Keep it Simple. Keep it Clean.

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