How Attention to Detail Gives Small Businesses a Competitive Edge

Details, details, details. As a small business owner, the tiniest details can really add up to have a great impact on the success of your business. One advantage a small business has over a giant corporation is the ability to really focus on the details that give each customer consistent, excellent customer care and an overall high-quality experience. Cleanliness is part of your branding and is an important factor in the overall customer experience, playing a key role in attracting new and retaining current customers. Do your floors show your customers that you care?

Michael Levine, author of Broken Windows, Broken Business, told Bloomberg that “businesses insult customers” daily by not giving small things the attention they deserve. He writes in Broken Windows, Broken Business that when it comes to running a business, “nothing is small, and absolutely nothing is insignificant,” right on down to making sure the trash cans are emptied. Levine warns that if you don’t, someone will notice and you will lose that customer for life.

Another respected business expert, Tom Peters, says in his Details essay that "Branding is a squeaky-sparkly clean bright red contractor's truck in mud season in Vermont," going further to say that essentially “branding is about, well ... Everything. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is irrelevant to individual branding.” The small details, including the cleanliness of your facilities, affect the brand that you work tirelessly to create.

These experts believe that as the owner of a small business your mind should not solely focus on the big-picture, rather you should be thinking strategically while considering every detail of the customer experience. It is the details that will help set your business apart from others and help create a memorable, positive experience for your customer.

There is one common resource that many entrepreneurs lack: time. Who has time for all of the details? By creating a successful productivity strategy, it is possible to see where time is wasted in the workflow. Small changes, like reducing the amount of time spent cleaning, can really add up. Accessing your daily cleaning routine can have a big overall impact on the quality of experience for your customers while simultaneously saving time. Remember, time saved is time that can be spent growing your business.

Floor care for your small business can be simplified. If you are still using a traditional mop and bucket to clean your floors, there is a faster and much more hygienic way to clean. Simple Clean can clean up to 7 times faster than a traditional mop. Using the Simple Clean 18 floor scrubber, business owners can feel confident that their floors are being cleaned with a clean water solution rather than dirty mop water. Because the Simple Clean can fit in places where most floor cleaning equipment cannot, it is ideal for many industries including the restaurant industry, fast food industry, bakeries, convenience stores, fresh markets, health food stores, clothing boutiques, storage facilities, machine shops, mechanics, on stained or polished concrete, and many other applications. The high quality squeegee and vacuum system on the Simple Clean 18 dries floors immediately after scrubbing. That means that in addition to the time saved by cleaning faster, there is also no need to wait for the floors to dry before allowing customers to walk in the area that has been cleaned.

Take advantage of your edge over the large corporate competition. While it can take big businesses years to implement change, a small business can effect important improvements essentially overnight. Take a look at your cleaning methods. If they can be improved, they should be improved. Create a cleaner, safer, and healthier workplace with proper floor care. Keep it Simple. Keep it Clean.

Contact us today to learn more about how Simple Clean 18 can revolutionize the way your small business cleans.

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