Auto Service Centers

The Simple Clean™ floor scrubber is the

perfect solution for cleaning auto service

center bay floors.

Quick and efficient at removing dirt & grease

Elevate your service center to a new level of clean with the Simple Clean auto scrubber. Given that your shop floors are the first thing a customer will see upon entering your service bay area, why not take pride in how clean they are?  There is no reason your customers should have to worry about tripping over a wrench or slipping on a puddle of motor oil. Customers expectations are extremely high so why not exceed them with the cleanest bays in the area.

Undoubtedly your technicians are performing service work on vehicles that cause loose dirt, debris, rust particles and fluids to fall onto the shop floor. The Simple Clean floor scrubber will allow them to quickly and easily clean up their bay in minutes after servicing a vehicle. As easy to operate as a mop but 10 times faster and more effective, the Simple Clean 18 will become one of your most valuable tools. By dispersing a clean water/detergent solution directly to the brush and picking it up with it's high powered vacuum squeegee system there will be no more spreading soil around.


Discover what the Simple Clean floor scrubber can do for your service center today!

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