Discover how simple it is to experience the benefits of the Simple Clean™ floor scrubber in a retail environment.

Clean between display racks and in other tight spaces with ease

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The Simple Clean floor scrubber was designed to keep retail store floors cleaned efficiently, effectively, and simply with ease. Floor maintenance in retail chains should garner the same attention to detail as merchandising, store layout, and other visual marketing strategies. An excellent customer service strategy should also include a caveat regarding the professional appearance of the retail store. The first impression of customers is impacted by the cleanliness of the store’s floors. A noticeably clean floor in a retail store can assist the store in achieving and exceeding sales goals by helping to increase customer trust, retention, and overall customer satisfaction while shopping. 

The latest technology is used in many different facets of today’s retail stores from inventory management to tracking sales quotas. Now, the latest technology is also available for retail store floor care: the Simple Clean floor scrubber. This compact machine is able to clean between display racks and in other tight spaces with ease. The Simple Clean floor scrubber is remarkably simple to operate and cleans at a speed that is up to 7x faster than cleaning with a mop. Streamline the floor cleaning process using this one cordless machine that cleans extremely effectively.