With the Simple Clean floor scrubber it has never been simpler to clean restaurant floors in a fraction of the time.

Affordable, maneuverable, and durable

Now the new, cordless Simple Clean floor scrubber is available with features that are ideal for the needs of food establishments. This one compact machine can transform how fast food restaurants, franchise companies, and other food establishments maintain cleaner, safer, drier floors on a regular basis. Save time and money by swapping the mop for a more efficient floor scrubber. 


A customer’s first impression of a fast food restaurant is greatly impacted by its appearance, including the flooring. A franchisee whose business remains in the top of fast food reviews knows that floor maintenance is an essential part of the franchise business. Floor care is also an important part of the food establishment inspection report. Using the Simple Clean floor scrubber regularly, it is easier than ever to check floor cleanliness off of a food establishment inspection checklist. Fast food floors adjacent to the deep-fat fryers can easily be cleaned free of grease, syrup can be removed near the soft drink tanks, and floors around the sink can be dried using the affordable, maneuverable, and durable Simple Clean floor scrubber. In an industry where time is critical to success, the Simple Clean floor scrubber can work up to 7x faster than a traditional mop in a fast food restaurant. 

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