Polished / Stained Concrete

Save time and clean more effectively with the simple solution for polished and stained concrete floor care: the Simple Clean™ floor scrubber.

Virtually eliminates the risk of a streaky finish...

Stained or Polished concrete floor maintenance just got even simpler. The new Simple Clean floor scrubber is ideal for stained concrete and polished concrete flooring, even in small spaces. A floor scrubber holds many advantages over the mop for stained concrete or polished concrete cleaning. For example, the Simple Clean floor scrubber continually cleans the concrete floor surface with a clean water solution and then a high quality squeegee and powerful vacuum system remove the moisture from the floor leaving it incredibly dry. This virtually eliminates the risk of a streaky finish that can occur after mopping. Polished concrete care also calls for removing spills and stains as quickly as possible so that they do not soak into the floor. The Simple Clean floor scrubber can do so quickly and easily.

Regular maintenance for stained concrete and polished concrete has been simplified into one affordable cleaning tool. The Simple Clean floor scrubber is a compact, cordless, and easily maneuverable machine that is transforming the way smaller spaces with stained and polished concrete surfaces are being cleaned. High-traffic areas require more frequent cleaning and will especially benefit from utilizing the Simple Clean floor scrubber. 

The Simple Clean 18 comes with a

Three-Year Warranty

on Parts and 1 year on Labor*


*excludes wearable parts, abuse and improper use.

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