The compact, affordable, and maneuverable Simple Clean™ floor scrubber is ideal for Laundromat floor plans.

Working up to 7x faster than a traditional mop

By eliminating the need to mop, this machine saves Laundromat employees time. Working up to 7x faster than a traditional mop, the Simple Clean floor scrubber is extremely efficient for Laundromats nationwide. Increase Laundromat safety by using a cleaning tool that leaves floors virtually bone dry immediately after use. This feature is extremely useful for locations that may be open 24 hours a day. If a washing machine leaks or overflows, the strong suction and quality squeegee that comes standard on the Simple Clean floor scrubber will ensure that the floor is dried quickly, creating a safer environment for staff and customers.
In an industry that is centered on cleaning, the cleanliness of Laundromats can either encourage or deter customers from utilizing their services on a regular basis. The Cleanliness of a floor sends a message to customers. Customers may choose to not frequent a Laundromat nearby because of an unsanitary appearance. Wash and fold service customers could choose to go elsewhere when the Laundromat nearest location does not appear to employ proper cleaning practices based on its floor appearance. Stand apart from your competitors with a sparkling image. Show customers how much you value cleanliness by maintaining the cleanest floors possible. Simplify the floor cleaning in your Laudromat with the Simple Clean floor scrubber.

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