Fire Department/ Firehouse

Improve upon routine cleaning with the Simple Clean™ floor scrubber.

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Protect your high performance floor from scratches, dirt and grime buildup with the Simple Clean 18.

Streamline your firehouse cleaning routine with a durable, affordable tool that is helping hardworking firemen clean with ease in a fraction of the time. Firehouses that are still using an outdated mop and bucket to clean their station floors can now increase the efficiency and the effectiveness of their cleaning methods. With the Simple Clean 18 floor scrubber, your firehouse floors are cleaned with 55lbs of variable down pressure, powerful rotating brushes to agitate the dirt, and a high quality squeegee and vacuum system that remove excess moisture in a single pass, leaving floors dry after cleaning.


Concrete floors, epoxy floors, and other hard surfaces can easily become soiled throughout a shift. Mopping is time consuming yet firehouses must remove antifreeze, oils, and grime from their floors routinely. The Simple Clean floor scrubber is a compact, cordless, and easy to operate machine that allows companies to scrub their firehouse floors with speed, leaving time for more important tasks. A clean and organized station is a must. Keep it Simple. Keep it Clean.

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