With a business that is often open 24 hours, it is necessary to find simple cleaning solutions like the Simple Clean floor scrubber that can save time and clean more efficiently than a mop and bucket. Dirt, oil, water, and other debris are inevitably going to be trekked onto convenience store floors, especially during inclement weather. Keeping customers safe and reducing the risk of slips, trips, and falls is a responsibility of c-store business owners. By utilizing the Simple Clean floor scrubber, floors will be scrubbed remarkably clean and the machine’s extreme suction will remove excess moisture leaving the floors virtually bone dry after use. Imagine not having to mop or leave floors soaking wet once complete, while customers continue to use the store. Stand apart from your competition with noticeably clean floors.


The Simple Clean floor scrubber is a simple choice to keep your floors clean and dry. Its compact size and cordless design allows this tool to easily maneuver between display shelves and in tight spaces. See how simple it is to keep your c-store or quick mart a step above the rest with one compact yet heavy duty machine. 

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C-Stores / Quick Marts

The Simple Clean floor scrubber is the compact cleaning tool ideal for maintaining the floor surfaces of c-stores and quick food marts.

Simple Clean™: The simple way to clean