Save time and money cleaning your

brewery floors with the Simple Clean™

floor scrubber.

Remove stubborn grime with ease

Save Time

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces are an integral part of creating a consistent, quality product. As a brewer, much of your time is spent cleaning. With the Simple Clean 18 you can significantly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning the largest surface in your brewery: your floors.


Protect Your Floors

Heavy kegs, forklifts, caustic chemicals: brewery floors handle a lot of wear and tear. Most breweries have therefore chosen high performance coatings and sealers that can stand up to this type of environment. By consistently maintaining the floors in your brewery, you can extend the life of your floors, prolonging the need for expensive re-coating or patching/ replacing the concrete. The Simple Clean 18 makes it fast and easy to care for your floors.

Improve Sanitation

One of the greatest sources of bacteria in a brewery are the floors. The Simple Clean 18 removes sticky, stubborn grime with ease in a manner that is much more hygienic than other methods like a mop or squeegee. A mop can become contaminated very quickly when cleaning floors, especially if the water and mop head are not changed frequently enough. Therefore, if using a mop or squeegee you may just be redistributing bacteria and filth rather than removing it.

The Simple Clean 18 contains a separate clean solution tank and dirty water tank. The dirty water that is removed from the floors through its high quality squeegee and powerful vacuum system never mixes with the solution used to clean the floors. The forceful down pressure and high speed rotating brush lift and remove stubborn dirt in a way that cannot be replicated manually. The Simple Clean 18 makes cleaning simple and more effective.

Improve Safety

Clean floors and keep them dry with the Simple Clean 18. Sitting water not only can become a cesspool for bacteria growth, it’s also a safety hazard for brewery employees. Reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents by keeping floors clean and dry. Its cordless, compact design allows the Simple Clean 18 to easily maneuver through tight spaces and around brewery equipment, deep cleaning right up to edges and corners.  


Tasting Room Cleanliness Matters!

A lot of factors in the brewing process affect the way a beer tastes. All brewers know that our sense of smell is linked to taste. Keeping tasting room floors clean and free from odor-causing bacteria further enhances the experience of brewery guests. Brew under optimum conditions and taste the results in a clean environment with help from the Simple Clean Scrubber.


The sticky, sweet substances that create the perfect brew also create the perfect environment for unwanted bacteria and other yeasts to grow. Cleaning is a big portion of the workload in a brewery and a vital one at that. Let the hardworking, affordable Simple Clean 18 help improve the productivity and cleanliness at your brewery.

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