Bathrooms / Locker Rooms

With the Simple Clean™ floor scrubber, sanitize small spaces simply like never before.

The Simple Clean floor scrubber does not simply push dirty water around as can happen when using a mop.

For small areas that require hygienic cleaning practices like locker rooms and restrooms, there is a new tool available that is superior to the traditional mop: the Simple Clean floor scrubber. This compact, cordless machine can maneuver between most locker room benches and locker room storage. It can also fit through many restroom partitions and restroom stalls. The Simple Clean floor scrubber is the latest machine that can efficiently clean where most floor scrubbers would be unable to fit.


The smells lurking in locker rooms or restrooms should not be masked with a restroom air freshener. Instead create a more sanitary environment by deep cleaning floors regularly, quickly and easily with the Simple Clean floor scrubber. Bacteria, viruses, and germs should not be spread around with a mop. Clean more effectively with this simple tool. Wet floors in a restroom or in the locker room can create safety hazards to those using the areas. The Simple Clean floor scrubber is equipped with extreme suction and a high quality squeegee that leaves floors virtually bone dry after use. This affordable tool can change the way locker room flooring is cleaned. After a restroom remodel, maintain that fresh, sparkling image by adding a cleaning tool to the arsenal of necessary restroom equipment. The Simple Clean floor scrubber can also help restroom trailers nationwide effectively clean their flooring between each restroom trailer rental. The restroom size or the locker room layout does not have to prohibit how effectively the area is cleaned.


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