To clean the different types of debris often found on bakery floors there is now a compact, cordless, and efficient tool available.

Introducing the Simple Clean floor scrubber

The smell of freshly baked goods can draw customers into a nearby bakery, yet seeing the mess that can go into creating those delicious treats with an unkempt floor will leave a sour taste in a customer’s mouth. A bakery kitchen floor can be soiled with materials ranging from sugars and flours to oils and grease, while the storefront can be riddled with dirt and soils brought in by customers. The Simple Clean floor scrubber is cordless, simple to operate, and easy to maneuver making it ideal for bakery floor cleaning. Incredibly affordable for virtually any size bakery, discover how simple it can be to streamline bakery floor maintenance with the Simple Clean floor scrubber.


From a typical corner bakery to a large bakery chain, it is now possible for bakeries to practice sanitary floor cleaning routines with the Simple Clean floor scrubber. The Simple Clean floor scrubber is able to deep clean, spot clean, or routinely clean in a fraction of the time, reaching tight spaces that most floor scrubbers would be unable to fit. Discover how simple it can be to keep bakery floors professionally clean without the cost of an outside cleaning service. 


Clean quickly, clean effectively, clean simply. Add the Simple Clean floor scrubber to the list of essential bakery supplies.

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