About Simple Clean

The Simple Clean 18 battery operated floor scrubber fulfills the cleaning needs of small businesses across the nation. With this powerful yet simplistic tool it is now possible to deep clean hard floor surfaces with up to 55lbs of variable down pressure in tight areas that are generally inaccessible to anything other than a mop and bucket. There is no cord to trip up operators while using this battery operated compact floor scrubber. Operators will also appreciate the quiet operating sound level and that the Simple Clean 18 scrubber controls are all readily accessible on one easy to understand control panel.

The value and quality craftsmanship of the Simple Clean 18 can effectively save small businesses time and money by allowing operators to clean in a fraction of the time it would take using a standard mop and bucket. Using the Simple Clean 18 your business can save money by reducing the amount spent on labor while creating a safer environment for employees and customers. The Simple Clean 18 uses a separate visible solution tank and recovery tank to ensure the floors are always scrubbed with clean water making it a more effective cleaning tool than a mop and bucket, which often just pushes dirty water around.
Confidently leave floors clean and dry with a single pass of the maneuverable Simple Clean 18. The durable, heavy-duty Diecast Aluminum Squeegee Assembly that comes standard on all Simple Clean machines removes the maximum amount of water from the floors. With a Three Year Parts and One Year Labor Warranty, the Simple Clean 18 floor scrubber is the reliable choice for a variety of smaller applications including gas stations, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cafes, bistros, laundry mats, convenience stores, etc.
Choose tools that combine the best in value with the best in quality to add to your small business’s growth and success. Keep it Simple. Keep it Clean.
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Simple. Affordable. Built to last.

Simple Clean 18 Auto Scrubber